Amazing Benefits of Sea Salt

Is Salt Vegan?

For vegans, food processing is the major culprit when it comes to the non-vegan contamination of naturally vegan foods.

Is Salt Vegan?

Commercial table salt is often contaminated with other chemicals and minerals. This includes the use of anti-caking chemicals and fortification with minerals.   The solution to this for a healthy diet is sourcing pure sea salt.

If you are in doubt about the true value of salt, consider the fact that ancient Roman soldiers were sometimes paid with salt instead of gold. There is tons of research out there to indicate the fantastic benefits of sea salt. If you are wondering why many people are searching for sea salt online, then this blog will give you a brief overview of the types and uses of sea salt.

Different Types of Sea Salt

Before we get into what are the uses and benefits of coarse sea salt and fine sea salt, here’s a quick look at the different types of sea salt available: 

Himalayan Sea Salt

Many experts believe that Himalayan sea salt is the purest of pure sea salt. Research suggests that the use of Himalayan sea salt dates back to prehistoric times. This sea salt is pale pink in color and has several health benefits for your blood pressure and your respiratory health. You can look for Himalayan sea salt online to get the best prices and deals.

Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt is unprocessed whole salt that is got from coastal regions near the Celtic Sea particularly in Brittany, France. For centuries, locals harvested this amazing coarse sea salt using an ancient Celtic method. Celtic sea salt is grey in color. The unique thing about this salt is that it is moist to touch even after it has been kept in storage for a long time. This salt is perfect for brain function and electrolyte balance.

Flaky Sea Salt

This is a unique type of sea salt that has snow-white, pyramid-shaped crystals. Flaky sea salt is harvested from coastal areas in England and has thin, flat crystals that are known to dissolve quite easily. This type of sea salt is usually used for cooking salads and seared meats because it gives food a beautiful look and a delightful crunchy feel when eating.

Fleur de Sel

This amazing fine sea salt, which is known as “flower of salt,” gets its name from the delicate flower-shaped crystals in the salt crust. The most common means of harvesting Fleur de Sel is through marsh basins or salt pans. It is very often pale grey or off-white in color and is primarily used as a finishing salt to add flavour to the food or as a garnish. Since Fleur de Sel can be quite expensive, you should look for sea salt online to get the best deals.

Benefits of Coarse Sea Salt

The best thing about sea salt is that it contains all 84 trace elements that are found in the human body. People are always on the lookout for where to buy coarse sea salt because it has a range of health benefits. Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons you should add sea salt to your diet:

  • Coarse and fine sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties that will help to relieve rheumatoid arthritis. Using sea salt offers higher therapeutic relief in terms of stiffness.
  • Sea salt, especially coarse sea salt, when rubbed on the skin helps to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation. The coarse granular texture will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth.
  • Almost all types of sea salts contain vital and essential minerals like phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium. These minerals will help to boost your immune system and prevent bacteria and viruses.
  • Specific types of sea salts have high quantities of magnesium that helps to maintain the pH balance in your body. You can search for sea salt online and look for Celtic and Himalayan sea salts that are known to contain magnesium chloride.
  • Medical research also indicates that the sodium, chloride, and potassium continued in sea salts can significantly improve cardiovascular health in heart patients and helps to regulate your heartbeat.
  • While consuming ordinary table salt is not recommended for patients with blood pressure, you should consider using sea salt because it has been found to lower hypertension.
  • Sea salt is also known to regulate the secretion of digestive juices that can help a lot with weight loss. Coarse and fine sea salt also contains lower sodium content that keeps off the weight.
  • Experts also suggest that occasionally seasoning your food with coarse sea salt as opposed to just plain regular salt will regulate your blood sugar levels. Using sea salt is especially helpful for diabetic patients since it can reduce dependence on insulin medication.

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