4 Vegan Lunch Ideas to Bring to the Office

Eating healthy can be challenging when you’re busy. If you struggle to eat well at the office, the ideas below can make it both quick and simple. If you’ve recently made the switch to a vegan or have been meat-free for years, it’s always fun to add to your recipe collection!

1- Sandwiches

If you love veggies in a sandwich but need to boost your mid-day protein intake, pair mashed chickpeas with the tang of mustard for a yummy Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich. Add red onions for a dip, sprouts for an earthy touch, and shredded carrots for sweetness. You can also calm down the zing of this dip by serving it on whole-grain bread. Of course, this will also travel well in a pita. Keep things simple on the side; this would be great with a crispy apple to balance the mustard, or a mild cucumber salad would be yummy.

2- Pasta

Fix up a pan of Spicy Tenderstem Peanut Noodle Stir Fry for dinner and set some aside for lunch tomorrow. Once this has cooled down, throw a lid on it and put it in your lunch bucket tomorrow. If you are not crazy about spicy food, back off the sriracha sauce or add it to the table; many spicy foods will grow more intense overnight. You can sweeten this meal up with a side of fresh fruit; an orange or a serving of grapes would be a really nice finish to your stir fry. When leftovers become planned-overs, your lunches get both easier and more budget-friendly.

3- Smoothies

Smoothies are best when freshly blended, so if you have a kitchen in your workspace, consider treating yourself to a bullet blender that you can keep at the office. Pack up the ingredients for this Energizing Green Smoothie in a bullet jar and add ice cubes at the office before you blend this smoothie. This recipe includes 1/2 cup of cold coffee; don’t have this too late in the day. Luckily, on a day that you know a relaxing lunch will not happen, you can still fit something healthy into your schedule.

4- Soup

If you live in a cold country, there is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup for lunch. For an exotic treat, roast up fresh cauliflower and blend a pot of Golden Cauliflower Soup. This soup will be incredibly fragrant when you warm it up. If you have any co-workers who wonder exactly what a vegan eats, this recipe will trigger some great conversations! Even if your spice palate isn’t expansive, you can develop the taste for some new flavors with this lovely soup. Pair this with whole-grain crackers and an almond cheese spread.

Vegan meals can travel well and be easy to manage day by day. In addition to using planned-overs, consider freezing single servings of your favorite vegan dishes to keep the contents of your lunch bucket nice and cool until it’s time to eat. Consider assembling your sandwich at the office to avoid letting the bread get damp.

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