6 Unique Ways to Eat Healthy While Moving to a New Home

One of the biggest problems when moving is eating healthy. There is a temptation to eat nothing but fast food, as it is cheaper and easier than fixing an actual meal. There are also the problems that dishes may still be in the box, the gas or electricity may not have been turned on, and that the food may be still boxed. Because of this, it can be difficult to eat healthily; however, there are a few ways to still eat healthy, even on the road to the new house.

1) Make sure that you have a large cooler. Most healthy food has a short lifespan and you want to extend that lifespan as much as possible. A large cooler can accommodate all the food you need for several meals, some snacks, and even hold any necessary liquids.

2) Prep some meals ahead of time. Do not limit yourself to just burritos and sandwiches; you can have as much fun as you want to depend solely on your storage containers. Just make sure that what you cook does not require heating and you should be good. Fried foods are actually good for this, as are salads and a lot of pasta dishes. If you can prepare individual servings in their own storage containers, great; if not, make sure that you have plenty of bowls and plates ready to go.

3) Make sure that you have plenty of sliced fruit and vegetables. Just go for it: Fruits and vegetables are not just healthy, but they can also help replenish water levels, especially if you keep them cold. Obviously, having plenty of raw fruit is not a bad idea, especially apples, oranges, and bananas, but sliced vegetables with some dip is never a bad idea. Better yet, if you slice up cucumbers, tomatoes, and even prepare some lettuce, your sandwiches will be a little healthier as well.

4) Make sure you have plenty of sandwich fixings, and that they do not require preparation. Obviously, this means sliced meat and cheese slices, but you should have plenty of sliced and otherwise prepared vegetables ready to go as well. If you want condiments, use squeeze bottles or packets. If you want something different, pita bread and tortillas work as well as sliced bread.

5) Make sure that you pack lots of juice and water. The juice can be fruit or vegetable, depending on taste, but the important part is that you have it; otherwise, the temptation to rely on soft drinks on the road will be tremendous. Keep in mind that you will be going through a lot of it, especially if you are driving through hotter regions, so make sure that you have plenty on hand.

6) Remember that trail mix is your friend. A good trail mix consisting of nuts, granola, some chocolate pieces, and dried fruit is arguably the best snack you can have. At the very least, it is a lot better than candy and cookies. If you get tired of trail mix, keep in mind that carrot sticks and fruits make for great snacks as well.

All you need is to find a good moving company and your move should be easy and fun. Remember to map out the way there and to keep to the safe roads, and your movie will also be quick with few problems.

- - -