5 Vegan Snacks for Hiking

Alisha McDarris

As an outdoor blogger, when I hit the trail to test gear or highlight new adventure destinations for terradrift.com, I never do so without a copious amount of snacks in my bag. But a bag full of nuts gets old after a while. So if you’re looking to mix up your munchables game on the trail, ditch the unsalted almonds and reach for one of these tasty, packable, calorie-dense vegan snacks that promise to fuel every adventure.

Vegan Jerky

Ditch the meat for something altogether more sustainable: vegan jerky. There are plenty of options available, from chewy Beyond Meat to soft and flavorful Louisville Jerky and individually-packaged Primal Strips. Find your favorite and don’t give up a salty, protein-rich snack just because you gave up meat.

shār Trail Mix

Trail mix is a hiking staple. But almost all of it is packaged in plastic bags, or worse, single-serve plastic bags. Not shār, though. These trail mixes are not only organic and vegan, but in unique compostable packaging, too! Namely, cardboard tubes. Each contains several servings, but you can also buy shār snacks in bulk and refill your tube (or your own container).

Switchback Smoothie Mix

Smoothies are not typically a thing that you get to enjoy on the trail. But with Switchback you can. These powdered mixes are made with real actual fruits and vegetables and offer a flavorful, nutritious, and delicious snack. And yes, they totally thicken up and drink just like a smoothie. All you have to do is add water and shake!

Farver Farms Dill Lentil Crunchers

We’re not sure how Farver Farms, a small, Montana-based company does it, but these things are as addictive a trail snack as we’ve ever sampled. They’re crunchy, full of fiber, perfectly salty, and taste exactly like dill pickles. We recommend buying bulk bags—shipping is expensive—and dishing handfuls into smaller bags for your hike.

Bada Bean Bada Boom

If you’ve never tried dried fava beans, you’re missing out. They contain impressive amounts of fiber and protein and come in flavors like vegan ranch and sriracha. Plus the crunch and saltiness are oh-so-satisfying. They have more substance than dried edamame, a more toothsome crunch, and really pack some serious flavor into each little bean.

Author Bio: Alisha McDarris is a freelance travel and outdoor journalist an co-founder of the sustainable adventure blog and YouTube channel Terradrift.com. She lives in Utah, but spends much of the year traveling around the country and the world exploring new places to play outside and searching for the best vegan cupcakes.

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