Top 7 Soy Products That Are Perfect for A Vegan Diet

Top 7 Soy Products That Are Perfect for A Vegan Diet

With a huge percentage of the population turning towards veganism, the importance of soy has increased, and so has the variety of soy-based products.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the soy products are entirely vegan friendly if you want to adhere to veganism with your whole heart.

People have been trying to keep their meals ‘meat-free,’ and we surely would want them to have a list of products that shall help them in their ordeal. In order to ease this ordeal, the following list shall give non-vegetarians who wish to embrace veganism as an idea to proceed forward.

Soy Milk

Milk is an integral part of our lives. It is what an infant’s diet is made up of, and a balanced diet requires the protein that milk provides. Now, milk is a dairy product, and animal rights activists have often stood up against the exploitation of animals that goes on in the dairy industry.

Therefore, people must have an alternative, and soy milk takes its place. Again, some people are lactose intolerant as well, and soy milk is a perfect fit for them. Soy milk is readily available in the market, and it can be used anywhere as a substitute for dairy milk.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce comes to your rescue when you decide to prepare a meal rich in flavor. It is produced from the process of fermentation, which has to be undergone by soybeans.

When soy sauce is used to prepare a dish, there is often very little necessity to add salt, for soy sauce in itself is rich in salt. Soy sauce contains less soy protein as compared to other soy products.

Tamari and Shoyu are the two types of soy sauce readily available — tamari is made using soybeans only while the latter is made using wheat and soybeans. You can use soy sauce as a base to make many different types of vegan sauces.


A paste rich in sodium having minimal soy protein is used in the Asian country of Japan to prepare authentic Japanese food, including miso soup. The miso paste is vegan friendly if it is not prepared in factories that produce other non-vegan products as well.

Original miso soup, on the other hand, is prepared using tiny pieces of tuna, and therefore, the soup isn’t vegan friendly. Alternatively, you can try vegan miso soup.


This product is very well known among people practicing veganism and among vegetarians. Tofu seems to have fulfilled the vital proteins and nutrients needed by the human body to stay healthy. You can cook tofu in many ways including making tofu fried rice.

The product is also known as soybean curd and has properties to absorb flavors of different spices and ingredients. Water-packed tofu can be used in stir-fried dishes or on the grill — anywhere you want the product to hold its shape.

The shelf life of tofu is between 3-5 days if unopened. Once you purchase it from the store, you need to keep it in the refrigerator if you don’t use it immediately.


When soybeans are green and have a sweet taste, they are harvested so that they can be used as a snack or a substitute to main vegetables. It shall become edible after having it boiled for about 20 minutes.

Readily available in the market, it can be bought shelled or in the pod in the ‘frozen food’ section. It’s one of the best sources of plant-based protein for vegans.


At times, whole soybeans are made to be mixed with other grains and then fermented and pressed into a cake or bar, with ‘nutty’ flavor.

This product is widely available in Asia and health food stores. The product is not as popular as tofu.

Soy Nuts

With the availability of high protein and fiber, soybeans that are soaked in water and then drained and baked later can act as a substitute to nuts.

One can munch on these soy nuts and have it as a healthy snack.

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