6 Vegan Meal Ideas to Have the First Week After Moving

If you are moving to a new home, it can be a struggle to find meal ideas that are quick and easy to eat the first week after moving. Using these easy recipes will help lower your stress levels as you unpack and adjust to a new living space. We have a collection of meals that will guide you to continue your vegan lifestyle after moving without much struggle.

1- Root Vegetable Bowls with Peanut Sauce

As you get your new kitchen into order, you might be in the mood for a spicy meal. A Buddha bowl of grains, greens, and beans may be modified into a decent meal by adding a simple sauce. Since many store-bought sauces include fish sauce, creating your own is the best option. Additionally, you may control the degree of heat.

2- Vegan French Bread Pizza

Six ingredients are required to prepare the pizza. Making a delicious vegan pizza requires non-dairy cheese. It would help if you had both sliceable rounds and pizza-ready pourable mozzarella. Everything else will come together as a result of your creativity and the contents of your refrigerator.

3- Vegan Porridge with Bananas and Oats

You can prepare the perfect bowl of oats every time with only a few essential ingredients. Bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar are just a few of the components that contribute to the taste of this oats-based breakfast meal. It’s much healthier and more fulfilling than a muffin or a doughnut, and it just takes a few minutes longer to prepare.

4- Veggie Pancakes

One of life’s simple pleasures is having a big stack of fluffy pancakes and seeing the syrup drip down the edges as you eat them. Your vegan diet will taste perfect after just one mouthful of these flapjacks. If you’re looking for something different, toss in some chocolate chips or blueberries.

5- Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Vegans can’t do without a loaded potato, whether it’s russet, sweet, or purple. This meal hits the mark from the most basic to the most sumptuous. It’s more than canned beans and corn slathered over a potato, but it’s easy to whip together on a busy Monday night. Instead of producing your dairy-free sour cream, you can choose to pick up the package of Forager and carry it with you when you get home after a long day of moving.

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6- Vegetarian Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Are you into the deli part of an eatery? This chickpea mash is, of course, a delicious sandwich filler. Try it on a bagel for a tasty and refreshing change. It is also great in a pita, dolloped onto salads, or wrapped in tortillas as a filling. Dip it in pita bread triangles or raw carrots and celery for an appetizer. Even though it simply takes a few minutes to put together, the possibilities are almost limitless!

Remember, you do not have to struggle to begin a vegan lifestyle, particularly if you relocate to a new region. By just adopting these meals, you may spice up the change of atmosphere with a good shift to a vegan diet.

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