What To Bring to a Housewarming Party

So, one of your close friends has been shopping around for North Carolina homes for sale and finally found the perfect one. They’ve moved in, and you just got the invite to their housewarming party! Now, it looks like you need to find the perfect housewarming gift to bring to the party on their big day. But what do you buy? That’s a question so many people are stuck on nowadays. After all, we grew up going to birthday parties, not housewarming parties.

That’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll examine some of the best gifts to bring to a housewarming party so you can help your friend or friends celebrate their new home.

Wine and a Corkscrew


Wine is one of the most common housewarming gifts. It’s hard to find someone who won’t enjoy a gifted bottle of wine from a friend. When you pair a bottle of wine with a nice, classic corkscrew, you create a thoughtful gift that your friend can enjoy on the spot.

If you know what your housewarming host likes already, start there. For example, if you’ve shared a red dinner wine in the past and they enjoyed it, find another in a different brand so they can try something new but you know they’ll enjoy it. If you don’t know their wine tastes, find something that you already know tastes good.

A Houseplant


Houseplant gifts aren’t just pretty. A houseplant can breathe some life into a new home as well. When gifted in a decorative pot or planter, it will add ambiance to a new house and liven the place up. However, if you’re worried about giving a gift that comes with responsibility, don’t be. There are plenty of houseplants out there that require minimal watering and attention to thrive.



It’s hard to beat a gift that your housewarming party host can actually use. Tools are another popular gift for housewarming parties, as chances are, your friend may need a set. A new home means new responsibilities, especially if your friend was renting before and the landlord handled all of the maintenance. Now that your friend is responsible for their own place, they’ll need a set of standard tools to handle the regular maintenance or minor improvements, such as updating door handles or hanging pictures and decor.

Scented Candles


Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Candles have been a traditional new home gift idea for years. Find a scent that matches the season the party is taking place in. For example, choose pumpkin or apple scents for fall, balsam pine or vanilla for winter, tulip or lily for spring, and berry or fruit for summer. But, of course, you’re not limited to these scents only. If you know your friend’s favorite scents, go with those.

A Personalized Present


One thing any new homeowner is excited about is personalizing their new home. You can help them out by gifting something personalized. For example, consider giving a monogrammed throw blanket or coffee mug or a customized sign. This thoughtful gift will add a personal touch to help them make their new house a home.

Board Games


If your friend loves to play game night host, this can be one of the best gifts you can give. They’ll appreciate a housewarming gift they can play with friends. So, wrap up a new board or card game like Scrabble, Risk, or Cards Against Humanity so your friend can get their game night tradition off the ground.

It’s Time To Warm That New House

Now that you have some ideas to get you started, you should have no trouble finding the perfect gift for your friend and their new home. So, get shopping and go enjoy that party!

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