4 Smart Ways to Organize a New Kitchen to Be Vegan-Friendly

Without a doubt, the kitchen is at the heart of your vegan home. This is where all the delicious food comes from and where all the necessary ingredients are stored. Because the kitchen has such a big place in your routine, it can get a little disorganized occasionally. With a few simple steps, you can make your vegan kitchen more organized and thus more fun to use. These are just some of the strategies that you might consider when it comes time to bring order to your kitchen. It’s worth the financial investment to make your kitchen the space you need it to be.


1- Create a Veggie Washing Station


Vegan cooking starts with fresh fruits and veggies. When produce comes home from the store, they are usually covered with a thin layer of wax. While this doesn’t necessarily hurt us, it isn’t exactly what we want in our cooking. Washing produce thoroughly helps remove this coating as well as any grime and germs that might be lingering there after sitting in the store.


Select a gentle brush for delicate produce items, a stiffer brush for items like potatoes, and buy yourself a fruit and veggie wash to help remove that waxy coating. All you need a small basket to keep your cleaning supplies in; place this next to the sink for easy access.


2- Set Aside a Small Shelf for Cookbooks


Every vegan loves cookbooks, and you probably have a few that you always reach for. Keep these handy on a nearby shelf or rack. This way, you never have to hunt for them when it comes time to menu plan or meal prep. If you like using an old fashioned recipe binder, this can go next to your cookbooks. If space is a concern, use this shelf for only the cookbooks you use most frequently.


3- Label All Your Containers


Is that chickpea flour or almond flour? Do you have a bag of quinoa at home or do you need to buy more? Labeling all your canisters, bins, and jars will help you see your most vital ingredients at-a-glance. Even better, if these canisters have volume marks on them, you will have a good idea of how much of any ingredient you’re storing. This will help you plan your shopping trips, saving your money and time! If you purchase canisters that stack, this can help you save space in small kitchens and pantries.


4- Buy Only the Spices You Need


While it can be tempting to buy one of those revolving spice racks with 12, 16, or 20 different spice canisters already filled, these can be a waste of money and space. Instead, purchase one spice at a time as you need them. Make sure these are clearly labeled so you don’t purchase multiples. This helps ensure that you have fresh ingredients, too.


An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen


Staying organized is a great way to make cooking more enjoyable. Keep these tips in mind when planning your vegan kitchen. By having an organized kitchen, you will be able to cook vegan foods with ease.

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