Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller Review

Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller Review

Foam Rollers, Massagers and your Health

Running consecutively over time provides some pretty nice wear and tear on your body. As a runner, you should actively seek out new ways to heal and respect your body to keep it functioning like a well oiled machine. If you have not seen our article Runners and Foam Rollers, Why Every Runner Should Have One you should check it out and learn why foam rollars are essential to the longevity of serious runners.

The foam roller is a simple and perfect tool that uses your own bodyweight to massage out tight spots that devlelop over time from muscles tearing and rebuilding. Sometimes a foam roller is not a practical item to carry around especially when traveling. The Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller is the perfect “to go” roller for your muscles. I recently purchased this niftly little device at Modells a week ago for about $20 and I am pleasantly suprised on the value of this product. Here is what I like about the Gaiam Foam Roller.

Gaiam Restore: Features and Benefits

Compact and easy to put in a running bag

The Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller is about a foot long and very easy to handle. The two grips have rubber grooves and bumps that enable a firm grip and reduce the chance of the roller from slipping in your hand during use. It pretty much can be stored anywhere you can imagine. I keep it near my bed so I can make sure I use the roller often.

Effectively relives tight muscles while increasing circulation

For a small piece of plastic you would be suprised at how effictive it is in loosening up your muscles. I have found that it is especially effective in loosening your quads and calves and really makes your legs feel fresh after using for about 15 minutes. Your hamstrings are a little tougher to roll out as it’s awkward to reach that part of your leg with the handle positioning.

Four individual grooved massagers

For the price point, this product is very sturdy and seems like it will last a while. (will update you if it breaks of course!) There are four rotating hard plastic massagers on metal rod that work out the kinks in your legs as your roll up and down.

Overall for $20 the Gaiam Restore Total Body Massage Roller is a must have product for any runner serious about keeping their leg muscles at maximum performance. I still believe a traditional foam roller is more effective and practical for serious runners, but this little gadget is a good tool in your arsenal.

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