Forks to Feet: Makeover Edition

Welcome everyone to the new and improved, redesigned Forks to Feet. Don’t worry, all of your favorite content is still here, and pretty much in the same locations as before. It’s just a little prettier, and a WHOLE lot neater. I’ve gotten rid of some things we didn’t need, and added a few we did.

For starters, I did away with that pesky Google Search box. Instead, I’ve added a search box that is unique to this site. This way you can find the articles and recipes you’re looking for right here. I’ve also added several Google+ features, namely the widget to the right. Google+ seems to be the way of the future, so like any good tech student, I want in.

You will notice that I’ve kept the original Forks to Feet logo… for now. I’ve been conjuring up ideas for a new logo, but it will probably be some time before it makes its way to the site.  I can just see a “forkman” running across the top of this screen. Can’t you? Anyways, that’ll come soon enough.

So why do this now? Over the last few weeks I’ve become very unhappy with the old design. With the way it was formatted, it would take me hours to write one blogpost. It takes a lot of time when you’re trying to insert an image into a broken template. Also, I was getting to a point where I didn’t even want to type into my browser anymore. I dreaded seeing that old washed out black and white page. And when the writer is tired of it… well, that’s just not good for anyone.

So here’s to change. We’re not always a fan of it, but it’s often necessary. I consider this a reincarnation of Forks to Feet, and I will use this fresh start to begin rolling out new and improved content as well. Stay tuned… there’s a lot more to come!

Note: If you find any broken links or “bugs,” please let me know. You can email me directly at or use our awesome new Contact Page.

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