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8 Easy Steps to Become Vegan in 2020

8. Adjust Your Shopping Habits


Start paying attention to the hygiene products you purchase as well as the fabrics. Anything made from leather or silk are not vegan friendly so you will need to adjust where you shop. Look online for companies that make vegan friendly shoes and clothes and have them sent right to your home.

Adjust Your Social Life

You shouldn’t ditch your friends and family just because you’ve made the decision to go vegan. However, it will be an adjustment for everyone. Social interactions may take a bit more work as you will need to find new restaurants that can accommodate vegans to have dinner and drinks with friends. Birthday gatherings, holiday parties and work lunches will probably all need a bit of an adjustment as well. Some resources that can help you with this change:

  • Vegan Apps: Barnivore (Tells you what alcohol is vegan) Happy Cow (Gives a list and map to vegan friendly restaurants all over the world)
  • Vegan Social Groups: Hop online and you will easily be able to find vegan communities through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and various blogs.

And that’s it guys! Those are your 8 easy steps to become vegan. Being vegan takes some initial work but by using the resources that are out there and always remaining prepared, it is just as easy as your old meat-eating life!

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