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5 Healthy Late Night Vegan Snack Ideas

late night vegan snack cereal

Cereals: Whole grains such as oats are rich in fibers and proteins but low in calories. They are also available in granola bars; it is advisable to eat organic bars which have dried fruits and nuts and do not contain preservatives. Rye is also a great source for fiber and you can eat it with peanut butter which is a healthy fat to stay full throughout the night.

These are some light low calorie snack ideas when you experience hunger pangs late at night. You can store these in advance in a special corner of your refrigerator to ensure you eat healthy foods even when you do not have time to cook up a healthy meal in the middle of the night.

Even reputable diet services like Nutrisystem include healthy delicious snacks as part of their diet menu so that dieters do not get bored with dieting. They also have specially designed diet plans for vegans. Some of their dieters’ favorite snacks include lemon herb crisps, oatmeal raisin cookie, coconut almond bar, pretzels, zesty herb snack mix, popcorn and so on. These snacks can be had during anytime of the day.

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