Raw Fruit Detox (Day 6 Recap)

I’m on the final day of my “7-Day Raw Fruit Detox” and I couldn’t be happier.  Don’t get me wrong; fruits are fun, tasty, nutritious, and colorful. But I really miss my veggies and morning cup of coffee.  I’ve learned a lot from this experience.  Plus, I’ve assisted my body in removing toxins and correcting free radical cells.

Beginning Weight: 142 lbs
Weight Loss: 0

On Day 6, I ran into a little BIG problem.  I obviously wasn’t thinking when I started this Raw Fruit Detox.  You see, the day before the cleanse, I started the “Veggie Photo Challenge,” asking readers to send in pictures of their favorite vegan/vegetarian dishes.  I had no idea how bad I would be craving veggies.  And then yesterday, this photo was submitted by my friend @LeetraRobertson on Twitter:

Meatless Mushroom Burger

Immediately, my taste buds revved it into high-gear, telling my brain, “WE NEED THIS BURGER!”  Imagine eating fruits for six days, and then seeing this beautiful vegan burger.  I almost cancelled the last two days of my detox.  Instead of giving in (completely), I decided to venture off the beaten path, and look up some “uncommon fruits.”  Maybe there were some fruits that I didn’t know about which would taste more like… vegetables.  I did a few searches on Google and learned something I wish I’d known from Day 1.  I found that there were fruits that I had been calling vegetables!  Among these fruits were: Squash, Okra, Green Beans, Bell Peppers, and Olives.  I had never thought of these foods as fruit!  From a botanical standpoint, they’re considered fruits because they contain the seeds of the plant.  That was good enough reasoning for me!

I set off to the grocery store and picked up some of these veggie-like fruits.  Within minutes (literally), I had them chopped up and into a pot.  I heated them up on low heat for just a few minutes, sprinkling in some kosher salt.  I wanted them warm, but raw (under 115 degrees).

With a few slices of tomato (also a fruit), they more than hit the spot!  It was nice to eat something that wasn’t extremely sweet, and that wasn’t loaded with citric acid.  After 6 Days of eating nothing but fruit, I’ve gotten a slight tingling in the back of my throat.  This is most likely due to a build up of fruit acids.  Luckily, this “fruit stew” gave my poor throat a much needed break.

I also came up with another smoothie recipe.  These recaps have become mostly recipe posts,  but I’m sure that you don’t mind.  I was craving something with dark berries.  So I came up with this sweet concoction!

 Dark Berry Smoothie (recipe here)


Well, it’s on to Day 7 (final day).  Today’s goal is to make a cherry dessert of some kind.   I’m thinking cherries, cucumbers (also a fruit), bananas, dates, and lots of ice.  Check back in tomorrow to see what I come up with!

Strawberry Picture Courtesy: http://deadandbreathing.deviantart.com

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